Local Business SEO


Local SEO


What is Local SEO?


The term local SEO, or local search engine optimization, means the procedure to position a website as far as possible in the local search result of a search engine.

In doing so, one tries to achieve the best possible placement for relevant search terms in a certain locally restricted area and to appear on the first search results page (SERP) for the user.


Why local SEO is important?


Local SEO is important for all businesses and companies with a physical location (such as doctors, restaurants, barbershops, handymen, supermarkets, etc.) or companies that offer their services in a specific region.
Locally related searches have become an everyday occurrence these days. Especially when the smartphone is always at hand. According to a study by Google, over 70 percent of search queries could be made via mobile devices by 2020.
Google conducted a study on the following results:

— Nine out of ten consumers use search engines to search for services, reviews, and/or products near them.


— Local searches are especially common when you’re on the go.


— On this occasion, most users search for directions, company addresses and opening times.


— Consumers who are looking for their smartphone to search for services or products in their area are usually about to make the actual purchase decision.


benefits from local SEO


Who Can Benefit From Local SEO?


Every company with a fixed company location (shop, office, branch, etc.) benefits from Local SEO – regardless of the size or the branch of the company. The only thing you need is a fixed location that can be visited by customers or from which you can offer your service. If this is the case, local SEO also makes sense.


79 percent of all smartphone owners in Germany use their smartphone for search queries. Tourists or people unfamiliar with the area in particular use their cell phones for local searches. This enables even hidden shops away from the big shopping mile to have a chance of spontaneous walk-in customers.
This makes Google one of the most important marketing tools for local businesses. The better the placement in the local search results, the higher the number of potential new customers that can be generated from the hits on Google. Local SEO ensures that these good rankings are achieved.


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