Customer Stories

Traffic growth

Atemmasken24 is an e-commerce website that provides personal protective goods. The strict Google and Facebook ads policy removed 90% of its ads. Poor traffic generation leads to poor conversions. 


We designed and implement inbound marketing includes content strategy, Email marketing, social media tactics.  It yields 3X traffics and improved interaction quality in 2 weeks.

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Customer growth

Talent Wings is a recruiting agency in healthcare. For  young startups, how to attract as many as target audience is always a challenge.


 We helped it segment customers and market, set the key metrics ,then use marketing campaign, brand building, and social media marketing to achieve the goal. 


Now it becomes a lead agency in Eastern Europe.

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SAles Growth

Cloud Mall has a great selection online shopping APP. Many visitors come through their Ads and then jump away in half minute.


We refined the landing page, making it more attractive. And redesigned customer behavior flow in order to shorten hesitation and distance from viewing to checkout.

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