Market Investigation

Still struggling with the low, outdated, and expensive market research methods?

Still don’t know whether your product or strategy fit the market?

It’s time to change!

What we do

Market investigation is a key of providing a fact-based foundation for estimating sales and profitability

We give you an accurate view of your business and your marketplace. 

 We tell you how you are perceived in comparison to your competitors, and evaluate what your competitors are doing to attract customers.

We help you determine who and where your customers are, and which customers are most likely to do business with you.

We tell you how customers and prospects view your existing business and products, and show you if you are or are not meeting your customers’ needs.

Our Advantages

Focus on Business

Pure theory research will lead you to nowhere. Our investigation and solution tailored to your demands

Avoid Expensive Mistakes

Knowing what really works and what does not work will help you saving amounts of trial and error cost

Sync with your Pace

With efficient and qualitative investigation, we sync with your step and support your development

Audience & Prospects Centric

High-quality interviews with target audience are as important as assumption and information

How it works

When you want to gain a deeper understanding of people who buy your product and  how they engage with your brand /product.

When you want to figure out whether your product fit the market, which groups of people are your target audience, or determine the marketing strategies.

First, we will make a meeting and create a tailored investigation plan together with your team.

Then,we will walk through the plan and iterate it according to your demands and feedback.

At the end, We will capture, analyze, and transform information into actionable insights and solutions.

You will get your own dedicated growth hacking team, which includes strategists, marketers, business analysts, UX designers, and data scientists.

First, we will get to know your business and audit your operating process under your consent.

Then, we will design and execute the growth strategy, including identifying target audience, building campaigns, campaign optimization, customer retention, funnel optimization and so on.

Every step’s minor improvement will drive a huge growth in your business.