Operational Auditing

Operational auditing mainly focused on the key processes, procedures, system, as well as internal control which the main objective is to improve productivity, as well as efficiency and effectiveness of the operation.

Businesses can get a decent idea of how they are doing in operations by examining internal company data through reports and graphs. However, sometimes those close to the company don’t review this data with total objectivity, or are so familiar with operations that it is difficult to come up with alternative solutions when roadblocks appear.

To truly gain a good picture of whether the company is operating well and get fresh ideas of how to improve, businesses should turn to the operational auditing.

Operational Auditing targets the leak of key control and processes that cause waste of resources and then recommend for improvement.


How it works

There are many areas that can be performed in operational audits, such as the accounting process, the marketing and outreach concerns, and the business sustainability concerns.


For example, the chief of operation might raise some concern about the wrong information that could be provided to the customer by the sales team.

The finance director might raise some concerns related to the miss-match between invoices with good delivery noted.

  • Benefits 1: Improve business operations via analyzing managerial, administrative, and operational aspects. Make appropriate modifications
  • Benefits 2: Support the processes with the greatest need for modification. Identify areas where cost reductions can be made
  • Benefits 3: Identify shortcomings in time and money to transform an activity into a profitable process

First, we will have a meeting with managers, understanding the business as well as the current operating, identifying the issues, and the auditable areas.


Then, we will validate the key control and operation involve obtaining the key documents, observing how certain key control is performing and inspecting certain documents.


In the end, we will deliver the audit report including key findings, advice, and recommendations to the management.